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Plateau Energy Metals (PLU.v) and IKN: A three-step recap

By way of a reminder:

1) On March 14th IKN published a post entitled "Plateau Energy Metals (PLU.v) mega fail". It wasn't very long, here's the whole thing:

On February 20th 2019, Peru's geological regulatory body INGEMMET, via its Presidential Resolution 0464, decreed that due to non-payment of concession fees in both 2017 and 2018 the wholly owned subsidiary of Plateau Energy Metals (PLU.v) would be stripped of 32 concessions from its flagship project in the Macusani region of Puno, Peru. What's more, one of the 32 concessions now stripped from the company is Ocacasa 4 which is 1000 hectares of the total 1,700 hectare zone of the property that contains its lithium resource. 

This snafu rates highly in IKN's "Annals of Material Event Disclosure Failure." Frankly amazing that the company has tried to keep this under wraps.

2) The very next day, PLU.v published a NR which made reference to the post of the day before. It stated among other things that, "The Company wishes to confirm all of its mineral concessions are in good standing and are 100% controlled." It accused this blog of spreading misinformation (exact words "It's disappointing to see this irresponsible spread of misinformation"), it claimed to "operate in an open and transparent manner" (that's another direct quote) and also said it was considering taking legal action against the source, i.e. me.

3) Yesterday, it emerged that Plateau Energy was lying through its teeth and that IKN (i.e. me) had provided the true story.
  • Its concessions were not in good standing.
  • There was no misinformation.
  • PLU has just lost its appeal and lost its concessions.
  • And now its my turn to consider legal action for defamation, you lying fucker Alex Holmes. 
IKN Kung Fu is strong. I wonder how those dumbass shareholders who bombarded me with messages back in March calling me all sorts of wonderful things are feeling this weekend...a little sheepish, guys?