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Mexico: President AMLO has a message for USA and Canadian mining companies (from IKN533)

Having seen this issue repeated erroneously on a few media channels today. This from The IKN Weekly IKN533, out last night. Cost creep comes to Mexico.

Mexico: President AMLO has a message for USA and Canadian mining companies
This weekend, while on a visit to the mining town of Concepción el Oro in Zacatecas State, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador had a few things to say to mining companies, especially those domiciled in The USA and Canada. The following quotes translated from this report (5):

Regarding new concessions
Our posture is that they maintain their (current) concessions, but we’re not going to keep Harding over new concessions for mining exploration because we’ve already given over a lot. They won’t finish exploiting the 80 million hectares of previously granted concessions in a thousand generations. Why so many? Because they get these concessions not to produce, but to speculate financially so what they have already is enough for production, if that’s the principal motive and not speculation.”

Regarding the environment
What we ask of the mining companies is that they care for the environment, that the companies act in the same way they do in other countries. If they are Canadian companies, they should apply the same rules they do in their own country so that they do not affect the environment or their territories.

Regarding Mexican mineworkers
“…they should pay mine workers well, pay the miners the same as they pay in Canada or United States. Why do they pay ten times less to Mexican mineworkers than they pay to those in Canada and The USA? They need to increase salaries for their workers.

Regarding community relations:
“…they should leave benefits wherever they operate mining. Four years ago, without exaggerating, we (his party) were the ones who got the mining companies to pay taxes when we were in opposition, because under Salinas they gave out tax breaks for mineral extraction. –that up to four years ago, as after a long struggle they started to pay taxes that would be used by the communities.”

You may agree or disagree, but this is the President of the country speaking and his words get repeated by many others.