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WGC: "Gold: the most effective commodity investment"

Okay, of course you're going to get the bullish case for gold from The World Gold Council. I mean...

The World Tofu Council highlights the advantages of Tofu
The World Shoe Council Recommends You Wear Shoes
The World Cake Council Releases New Report on How Delicious Cake Is
The World Electric Vehicle Council Believes Electric Vehicles Are The Future

...etc. All the same, this report from the WGC entitled "Gold: the most effective commodity investment" is well worth your time as its argument is straightforward, solid and based in sound financial theory. It's 2019 ladies and gents, you don't need to be a goldbug to own gold, you just need to have a modicum of common sense and an answer to the increasing risk profile of the world financial system. Well thought-out charts too. Gotta love a good fundies chart, go have a look.