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The Friday OT: The Smashing Pumpkins; Mayonaise

Live version from the early 90s (Billy got hair). He also gets distracted by somebody beautiful in the front row, forgets the words, then the band seems to compensate and it takes off, moving up from a standard rendition into something special.

Dedicated to Rudy Havenstein and Nick Avery. Youtube here.

Statler and Waldorf do BNN

Joe Mazumdar and his freeloading hanger-on, Legendary Legend Brent Legend Cook, did BNN's Market Call as part of PDAC this week. This humble corner of cyberspace may be a little late to the gig due to travel commitments and all that, but it's still worth pointing you all in the right direction to the segment (45 minutes of an hour, adverts cut out) because it's high quality viewing for anyone into the junior mining sector. Interesting Top Pick calls, too. Find it all right here on this link. Bingo!

Copper has lost the U$2.90 line this morning... least on its futures contract (spot is hanging right at 290p), though arguably the real line in the sand is at U$2.85.

We shall see.


Ian Telfer is a greedy grafter

From A. Reader, who picked this out of the Goldcorpse (GG) circular, page 88. Most interesting.

In other words, Ian Telfer had an existing change of control agreement (fine). Once the deal becomes real, for some reason he alone (no apparent oversight on this) decides he can TRIPLE it. Shareholders didn't approve this, all they've done is see the stock price move from $30 to $10 on his watch. Just a small example of where the top people at Goldcorpse have been focused: filling their own pockets.


Barrick now too important for Canada

Thank you reader E for the photo, taken midday yesterday peak PDAC.

UPDATE: Reader M offers insight:

"Barrick pdac - maybe they are showcasing all of their world class people. All of them, at the same time..."


Posting will be light on this blog for the next few days

For secret reasons.


Doug Beattie does uranium

If you're into the uranium miner space, the five part series written this year by industry expert Doug Beattie is well worth your time and as the last part has just been published, now is the time to bring them all to your attention. Also, don't confuse Beattie with one of the self-appointed or pretend experts, he's a real-live multi-decade peer-approved hands-on miner's-miner expert in his field. He's also unafraid of speaking plain truths and calling out the charlatans, so the five links below are double trouble for anyone or company trying to BS you out of your money.

Enjoy them all.

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