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The Friday OT: Beethoven's 9th symphony, 4th movement, Daniel Baremboim

I revisited The Ninth this week as I had time to spare on planes as well as great earphones, but also because a news item from a couple of weeks ago had been preying on my mind. That moment when the Brexit politicians elected to the European Parliament decided to turn their backs while the EU anthem was played. Controversy ensued, but the aspect that cut deeper was captured in this excellent piece of journalism, "Beethoven's Ninth – Farage turned his back on more than just music" which explained the anthem's refrain is from the ninth and what that symbolized. Here's how it starts:
Yesterday, Brexit party MEPs led by Nigel Farage turned their backs while the anthem of the European Union played at a ceremony to mark the opening of the European Parliament. Their behaviour has been met with disdain by many, with #notinmyname trending on Twitter. This was an emotionally provocative act at a time of political sensitivity, and there is something about the shunning of the anthem itself, an instrumental arrangement of the Ode to Joy from the final movement of Beethoven’s iconic Ninth Symphony, that makes the demonstration particularly inflammatory.
Then later here's another small snippet:
The symphony traces a trajectory of struggle and triumph. It takes the listener on a journey from the dramatic buildup in intensity in the first movement to the energetic scherzo of the second movement, the idyllic lyricism of the third movement, and finally the glorious, visionary redemption in the choral conclusion that is so powerful because it is hard won. Beethoven’s musical choices create drama. There are extreme contrasts of sound. There are frenzied bursts of activity and repeated rhythms that drive the music forward. There are also dramatic silences and disruptions. This is music that is created on a grand scale, using the whole expressive range of the orchestra.

Well worth reading the whole thing, it's much more than my excerpts. Anyway, that got me thinking about it, with time on my hands I stopped all reading and writing to just listen to it, it was great and rich fun, so now it's your turn and here's Daniel Baremboim doing the climax of the symphony, the final "Choral" movement. Stick around for the end, when the crowd go absolutely apeshit.

Youtube here. But if you want the full-on experience and have that hour and a half to spare, go here for Bernstein's 1989 Berlin Wall version of The Ninth. An unforgettable night, to say the very least.

Getting back into the swing...

...after a travel imposed quiet moment on the blog. The standard nonsense will return forthwith, probably before then I'll be writing this week's edition of The IKN Weekly. Main topics this time, the site visit report on Trilogy Metals ( and an update of our keep-eye-on-it coverage of New Gold (NGD).

Finally, all the team here at IKN Nerve Centre continue to thank you for your kind preference.


The Clinton/Epstein flow chart

Shamelessly stolen from Quoth The Raven (who is a great follow on Twitter, btw):

"A flow chart explaining Bill Clinton’s relationship with accused pedophile and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein."

Further questions?

There ya go, I knew it had just slipped Newmont Goldcorpse's (NEM) mind

Partial Underground Operations at Newmont Goldcorp’s Red Lake Mine to Safely Resume by Tuesday

DENVER--()--Newmont Goldcorp Corporation (NYSE: NEM, TSX: NGT) (Newmont Goldcorp or the Company) today reported that partial underground operations at the Company’s Red Lake mine in Ontario, Canada will safely resume by Tuesday, July 9. Underground mining was proactively paused on July 3 to allow for the installation of additional controls to further protect workers in the event water entered the mine through an historic stope at the Cochenour complex which is part of Red Lake. Processing and other surface operations at the mine have continued uninterrupted and underground workers were temporarily reassigned to jobs at the mill and other surface facilities.

The temporary pause in underground mining was proactively implemented following an in-depth review of an historic stope at Cochenour. Although there were no known changes to conditions at the mine, the decision to temporarily pause underground operations was taken to strengthen controls protecting the safety of Red Lake’s workforce.
The Red Lake mining district is located 180 kilometres north of Dryden, approximately 100 kilometres from the Manitoba border in northwestern Ontario. Mining operations include the Red Lake and Campbell underground mining and processing complexes, as well as Cochenour. The Red Lake mining district has been in operation since 1949.
About Newmont Goldcorp

Bristow the big game hunter: The FT's Lex does the mathematics

Right here. Three excerpts:
"The death (of Cecil the lion) fuelled hostility against wealthy people who hunt rare, charismatic animals. They include Mark Bristow, boss of big gold miner Barrick. MP Zac Goldsmith helped launch the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting in the UK this week."

"Tourism groups and trophy hunters both claim to encourage conservation by giving animals a financial value. Which activity is worth most?"

"Discounted over a 12-year life, any lion would have a net present value of $179,000. That is still more than four times higher than the price for shooting a pride master."

In other words, much like the people who wield the guns the whole "big game hunting revenue helps Africa" line is just one giant crock of shit. Mind you, having a giant crock of shit as a CEO is probably viewed as an advantage by most insto investors. TY reader L for the heads-up.


The IKN Weekly, out now

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