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The Friday OT: BT, Tritonal & Emma Hewitt; Calling Your Name

Superb, loud, joyous, stadium electronica. BT knows his craft and it's the arrangement on this one that gets the adrenaline coursing; this is not intimate or subtle, it's in your face life celebration. Then when Emma Hewitt's ethereal voice kicks in, it's physically impossible not to pull shapes on the next drop.

Can't you hear the crowd calling your name. Youtube here.

When is a bought deal not a bought deal?

When it's an RNC Minerals ( bought deal and they are so desperate to close on this freakin' dog and pony nonsense that they'll bow to pressure from the other side of the contract and drop the unit price. Your interesting NR of the day, with the real news buried at the bottom.

Constantly surprises me how this sector cannot see a blatant fucking scam when it stares at one in the face.

This blog remains quiet

For secret reasons. I've been ranting on Twitter this week, though.


Peru announces the proposed changes to its Mining Law tomorrow

Tomorrow Wednesday afternoon, Sep 4th, Peru's Ministry of Energy and Mining (MEM) is holding a press conference at which, among other matters, it will announce the new measures that it will then present to Congress in the its Mining Law bill.

So now you know.

Belo Sun ( now open to criminal prosecution and civil law suits

Interesting to watch the Belo Sun ( pump unfold, orchestrated by the sold-out John Doody for his new paymaster, Porter Scamsberry. So for all newbies in this stock, if you feel comfortable owning stock in a company whose management are proven liars and have probably ruined the project's chances of ever moving forward by their own incompetence and mendacity then stop reading this now and return to your special place of happy thoughts. Bye bye!

For the rest of you, please consider the latest corporate presentation from BSX, which includes this statement:

As noted in this previous post, it is simply not true that BSX owns all the surface rights at Volta Grande. It's a plain fat lie, so why does BSX insist on repeating it? These are the facts:

1) BSX has admitted in its own regulatory filings that Brazil's Instituto Nacional de Colonização e Reforma Agrária (INCRA), owns "some" of the land it plans to use for mine infrastructure.
2) You cannot own surface rights on INCRA land.
3) I repeat, you cannot own surface rights on INCRA land.
4) Do you understand that? BSX is lying to you and if you don't believe me, ask INCRA.
5) You are not allowed to lie. It's naughty.

What often happens in Brazil during the INCRA land reform process is that the land in question (no matter where it is in the country) is that the INCRA office will come to an agreement with local populations to allow them to use the land for rasonable purposes (agro, build a house etc) but that does not change the fact that the locals have never and still do not own the surface rights of the land. That the locals managed to sell something they do not own to a bunch of foreign mining Johnnies is beside the point, be it by a genuine mistake on the part of the locals or a cunning plan to rip BSX off and leave them twisting in the wind. Also, BSX is fully aware of its legal FUBAR, because as noted last month they have been changing the wording of their MD&As recently in order fool everybody with fancy words and glitter and sequins. However, it is impossible to reconcile their statement made in "The INCRA overlap on the Volta Grande Project footprint covers some of the planned infrastructure" and "All surface rights acquired". It's total BS, they are lying to you and it's high time this bunch of scamsters were brought to justice for their morally bankrupt, self-serving rip off corporate culture and let us note, insiders are already making ill-gotten gains from these lies as management make insider sales and stuff their wallets with dollars bills (that originally belonged to you). And the funniest thing about it is that it's so easy to prove. All anyone needs to do to expose these liars is to ask them to show a concession map, the way most other mining companies do, with the INCRA overlap illustrated. Then you stroll down to INCRA, point at the area and ask them (or any other Brazilian lawyer worth their salt) who owns the surface rights of that land, a process that would be ridiculously easy if only BSX would publish or show us a legitimate concession map of Volta Grande. Take a wild guess as to why they don't.

The IKN Weekly, out now

IKN536 has just been sent to subscribers and we are now just two weeks away from IKN538 and the post with a wonderful photo.


Lydian (LYD): Cronimet of Germany is paying bribes to Armenian politicians to block Amulsar

On Friday, Michael McRae of Kitco reported on the NR out of Lydian International ( and published a pice entitled "Who has been paid to block Amsular? — Lydian", which picked up on the accusation levied by LYD in its latest NR:
"The Government of Armenia has said publicly that Lydian and the Amulsar Project have been the subject of a campaign by rival mining companies providing support to opponents of the Amulsar Project," said the company in a news release.
"Armenian society has been dragged into an endless discussion around an audit which had no legal grounds to question Lydian's rights to operate in the first place. When will the Government of Armenia identify the rival mining companies conducting this campaign, how much has been paid to oppose the Amulsar Project and who has been paid?"

Sadly, McRae didn't do much else but re-hash the NR, a pity because there's a fun story of intrigue and corruption behind it all. It turns out that German mining company Cronimet, owners of the Zangezur copper/moly mine in Armeania, is behind it all as they have been bribing the Armenian government at Environment ministry level as well as paying direct cash to the protesters around the project site to stop it from happening. Cronimet's bribery is ongoing.

IKN Kung Fu > Kitco Kung Fu.


The IKN Weekly, out tomorrow

This mail to subscribers went out a few moments ago:

Hi all,

Just a quick note to say that I've decided to take advantage of the North American Labor Day holiday and send this week's edition of The IKN Weekly, IKN536, tomorrow instead of today. More time, more content, and fewer spelling mistakes (promise).

Until tomorrow.