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Frank Holmes' shame: HIVE Blockchain (HIVE.v) finally files its year end financials

It's been under a management CTO all this time and had failed to hand in its audited financials for so long it seemed as though they'd never happen, but late last night (11pm) HIVE Blockchain Technologies (HIVE.v) finally filed its YE to SEDAR (to March 31st 2019) and we all get to see just how badly Frank Holmes has messed up on this joke of a promo pump. And oh my stars...

...they are about a quarter away from the final cash crunch. After seeing this, anyone handing Frank Holmes the keys to their net wealth must be stark raving mad. But don't feel too sorry for Frank Holmes, as aside from his own exorbitant salary he was happy to spend part of that perma-lost money on his luxury transport and hotels; he got his jollies from the idiots who believed him. And that's capitalism, folks.


The Friday OT: First Dog on the Moon... always one of the best strips out there, but is simply brilliant today. This link will do for The Friday OT instead of a song, just for a change. Among other vignettes of information, be prepared to discover that Greta Thunberg is made of poisonous cheese.

Lydian (LYD) and the Cronimet dirty tricks campaign against Amulsar

At the beginning of the month, this humble corner of cyberspace published on how German mining and metals company Cronimet is paying bribes to both politicians and protest groups in Armenia in order to stop the Lydian Intl (LYD) Amulsar project from moving forward. A slice of the post from that day:
" turns out that German mining company Cronimet, owners of the Zangezur copper/moly mine in Armenia, is behind it all as they have been bribing the Armenian government at Environment ministry level as well as paying direct cash to the protesters around the project site to stop it from happening. Cronimet's bribery is ongoing."
The good news is that word is now getting out about Cronimet's illegal activities, as seen in this Facebook entry (sorry, gotta link you to FB today). Here's an extract:

Almost everyone knows that the most active anti-Amulsar mine in Armenia is Para Media, which spends a lot of money filming Amulsar, hiring "experts", conducting "forensics" and all this advertising. Not everyone, but many know that the founder and manager of Para TV is Elizabeth Petrosyan, the wife of former Syunik governor Vahe Hakobyan. Many know that before his appointment as governor, Vahe Hakobyan had worked for a long time in Zangezur Copper and Molybdenum Combine (administrative director, first deputy chief executive officer). But few are aware that Para TV's work on combating Amulsar is funded by Zangezur Copper and Molybdenum.  This is not an assumption, but a fact that both former and present authorities know about. Zangezur finances not only Para TV but also Amulsar activists and their campaigns.

Belo Sun ( Para State's public prosecutor files to suspend Volta Grande environmental permits

And for a whole hatful of reasons, including the lack of surface rights on INCRA lands, the lack of prior consultancy hearings given by the company and most interestingly, it also states that the body that granted its original environmental impact permit was not the right one for the federally controlled areas of the concession. Here's how the news starts:

The Public Prosecutor of the State of Pará (MPPA), via prosecutor Fabiano Oliveira Gomes Fernandes, filed an Environmental Public Civil Action against the State of Pará and Belo Sun Mineração Ltda on Monday, demanding the immediate suspension of all environmental permits for the company's mining activities in the municipality of Senador José Porfírio, granted by the State Secretariat of Environment and Sustainability (Semas), due to the lack of competence and legitimacy of the state environmental agency to conduct the procedure and that the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama) assume the environmental licensing of the enterprise due to regional environmental impacts, until a final decision is made.

whole thing here.


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