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The Friday OT: Deadmau5; There might be coffee

This afternoon, Spotify informed me that I'd listened to this song more than any other during the course of 2019. As it's absolutely ace damn holy moly brilliant, I'm just going to pat myself on the back for having the most exquisite taste and be done.

In The IKN Weekly this Sunday...

...we will be talking Minera Alamos numbers. Oh yes.


IKN would like to send its sincere thanks to Frank Giustra...

...for making Frank Holmes look fucking stupid.

Nicely done, Shortstack.


The IKN Weekly, out now

IN549 has just been sent to subscribers. Signposting plenty of trades this week. Geddit?

Bob Moriarty is losing his grip on reality

Right here right now on CEO ca (index), he (his name there is "fingerprint42") is now trying to make out that I asked him to publish the jew-hating and that I'm the Jew-hater. Sorry guys, not true, just like every other unsubstantiated accusation that comes out of the fetid mouth of that serial liar, racist, bullyboy and fantasist.

Though I have no idea who or what "IK" is. Anyone?

However, we see the same Modus Operandi from this bigoted shitbag every time. Dare to mention that he's a Jew-hater and he'll come back with the brouhaha and make up all sorts of shit about you, too. Try it! It's fun and you get to see the real Bob Moriarty, a screwed-up and hate filled old man.

PS: It's really easy to accuse someone of securities fraud. I know, I've done it to other people enough times. However, when I take that very serious step I make sure I have plenty of evidence at hand in order to prove such an accusation. Bob Moriarty does none of that and what's more, he can spend the next five years searching if he likes. There is no evidence because there is no fraud and there never was, it only exists in the dubiously functioning brain of Bob Moriarty.

UPDATE: Seriously, he is losing it completely, these are the ravings of a lunatic. Nobody got fired for anything because this whole scene is utter fantasy, it only exists in his mind and now he's ingesting something and adding chapters. If he weren't such a racist shitbag I'd start feeling sorry for him, this must be embarrassing for his sycophants.

(btw Bob, not reading you directly, your "fans" are sending over screenshots)

UPDATE 2: And now Bob is offended, poor thing. Just not fair when they push back at you and spit your lies back into your face, is it Bob?