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In The IKN Weekly this weekend...

...a report on your author's four days visiting the Royal Road (RYR.v) assets in Nicaragua. Planes, cars, canoes, mules, rains, rocks and toñas. Out Sunday evening, si Dios quiere. A la orden.

Kirkland Lake (KL): Money talks and BS walks

Do you see the scales-fall-from-eyes moment when the metals market suddenly realizes the wisdom of Makuch? Do you see the retro-justification of Eric Sprott gaining serious traction (a man who knew fark all about the KL deal before it struck that Monday morning, totally and embarrassingly left out the loop by the exec players who didn't want fussy uncle butting in)?

Nope, me neither. Al the column inches in the world can't disguise the bloated wankery behind this deal, Paulson wants his print and the DGC BoD get their juicy change of control bonuses. And the mining industry stubbornly refuses to grow up. And if the biggest and splashiest deal of the year is based on scratch-back dealmaking, may the good Lord help the rest of them.

Youtube here. A lovely shade of green.

The Friday OT: Crowded House; Weather with you

For Teemoh.

Blog back with several vengeances next week. Youtube here.


Not a good year for the Jewhating scum

First Bob Moriarty, now Jeremy Corbyn.


The IKN Weekly, out now

Yes I know it should be something with the number 550 in it somewhere, but I'm going to break the rules just for one week. For secret reasons. IKN550 has just been sent to subscribers. Remember the Alamo.