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Tanzanian Gold (TRX) ( Psst! wanna buy some unclassified resources?

You cannot make this shit up. Here's the NR and here's the title:
"Tanzanian Gold announces 4,291,000 ounces of gold contained in unclassified resources at the conclusion of its Phases 1 & 2 Resource Upgrade drilling along the 1.2km Buckreef Shear Zone"
And if that brings a chortle and guffaw to your lips, go have a look at the cut-off on those 4.291m oz gold too. You may notice how tonnages...well, let's just say they drop quite sharply as the cut-off rises. 

TNX is of course the goldbug cult following stock run by Jim Sinclair, who once held the dumbasses rapt with his predictions of $10,000/oz and $50,000/oz gold. My how times change.