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We Need #Masks4All, an important video on Covid-19 prevention

This isn't a random weekend filler post or yet another half-baked idea on Covid-19 that has made it to the public debate, we at IKN Nerve Centre curate very carefully to bring you only the most pertinent coronavirus information. This is an important video on why not only you, but everyone, should start using a mask to help combat Covid-19.
  • This is rational, scientific and non-political. Their conclusions match field observations. 
  • They make a point of knocking down all anti-wear arguments, then go on to explain the active benefits of wearing masks. 
  • They recommend home-made masks and this is good news for low income countries with weak healthcare systems that need as many preventative initiatives as possible. 
I even love the way the presenters are not slick, professional media pros, but a couple of geeks who have done the research and are keen to get the word out and save people. They are wonderful and do a perfect job. I don't impose a 35 minute video on you and call it important to watch for nothing.

This is the message left by the team under its Youtube. I'm putting it in bold type because I'd like you to read it. I'm leaving all the hyperlinks as-is so that you can use them.
In the Czech Republic, masks have been compulsory since March 18th. The country has only 2 deaths (as at March 24) and the growth of new cases has flattened, whereas in other parts of Europe the pandemic is largely out of control. How has this happened? One of the key reasons is a massive country-wide community initiative to create and wear home-made masks. In just 10 days the country went from no mask usage to nearly 100% usage, with nearly all the masks made at home with easily accessible materials, like old t-shirts. See 

In S Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, there is no lock-down. Yet covid-19 is being controlled in these countries. How has this happened? One of the key reasons is that mask wearing in public is ubiquitous and socially expected. 

We (with our community) have compiled 33 scientific research papers showing the effectiveness of masks at combating covid-19 transmission, including home-made masks. See

Please, watch this video, then do these 3 things: 1) share it; 2) take a selfie of you wearing a home-made mask; 3) spread the message, with hashtag #masks4all.