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It is 8pm...

...and the city of Lima has just erupted into applause for the 41st consecutive night. It also has to consider the fact that two weeks ago all Peru models pointed to less than 500 total deaths and tonight, after a record 66 were added in the last 24 hours, the toll stands at 700 and is showing signs of accelerating.

Wash your hands.


The Friday OT: Hilary Hahn; JS Bach: Violin Concerto No.1, BWV 1041, Allegro assai

Quarantine has its pros and cons, so there's no point in fixating on the limitations. Thanks to a friend, these first 40 days have been blessed by an ad-hoc crash course in understanding the difference between good and the great violinists. Then when I'd got a handle on what the great do that's better than the good, it was time for the best and he allowed me to listen to Hilary Hahn playing Bach.

As for the piece, not only is it three minutes and twenty-one seconds of perfection but you EDM lovers out there who got me into Deadmau5 and Tinlicker should listen in. Specifically to 2:23 onward, then tell me J.S. Bach didn't invent the drop. This sets the pulse racing. Youtube here.

Belo Sun ( is a private lending bank

At amazingly competitive rates, too. Unfortunately, mere mortals such as you and I cannot get the cheap credit, that's extra special and reserved for Stan Bharti's special pals. Take for example Peter Tagliamonte, who gets a $4.3m interest-free loan and then come the payback date, can only raise $600k. No problem Peter! We'll just boot that maturity date foward for you.

This is the same company that writes heads-i-win-tails-you-lose clauses into its corporate laws to favour directors and give them quasi jobs for life as well. A total joke that's being bankrolled by...yes you guessed it, the corrupt double-taker John Doody at Scamsberry Research.

Fortuna Silver ( (FSM) has Covid-19 at Caylloma, Peru

The FVI local community relations lady explained it all on the local radio yesterday.

The community did not react well and blocked the entrance to the mine.

Strange that FVI has said nothing to you about this, isn't it? Zero news releases and only informing the locals, those naughty naughty Ganozas.

Checking homework

Home school things and all that, one of my youngest daughter's (13 years old) assignments for virtual lockdown quarantine wash your hands classes 2020 has been to create a website, then write a blog post on fossil fuels. She'd appreciate any viewers she gets from this link, I'm sure. By the way, at this point we do not worry too much about prose style, grammar or spelling. Finally, if you feel like leaving a comment please make it constructive and pleasant, the type you'd want your 13 year old daughter to read and learn from, not least because her dad's good at tracking down people online.

A Flash update has just been sent to subscribers...

...just after 7:30am Friday morning, an hour before the open. A couple of trades in mind.


Regarding Fission Uranium ( and allegations "that have been made public" about Dirty Dev

This a partial screenshot of Red Cloud's note to clients today on Fission Uranium (

Today, during trading hours, Red Cloud withdrew its target price on Fission Uranium ( for the reasons seen above. However, it's telling to note the phrase picked out of their note for this post's title. Consider the difference in real information between these two sentences:
"As a result of allegations, we are suspending coverage..."
"As a result of allegations that have been made public, we are suspending coverage..."
The casual blind eye afforded to Dev Randhawa by Vancouver is over and, to its credit, Red Cloud has been brave enough to admit its hypocrisy first (others will follow, be in no doubt). Any analyst worth their salt who has covered knows  all about that nefarious toerag's reputation, but up to now he's been given a pass by "the community". However and suddenly, thanks to some extremely brave (it cannot be underestimated) people stepping forward and testifying against Dirty Dev, Red Cloud sees the light. Better late than never, welcome to the right side.

This humble corner of cyberspace hopes other consciences are suitably piqued and that other corners of the mining community step forward (and my stars, you know who you are). It may be your last opportunity to be on the right side of history. Or perhaps you'd like this conversation in a few years' time:
"Daddy, what did you do when mining finally cleaned up its act back in 2020?"
"Well son, I sided with the sexist pigs."

Kai wants me to promote the podcast he did with me

So here we go!

It's a video podcast between Kai and myself as we talk about mining. It has several subjects and I presume Kai has chosen some interesting intro music for the show. After the music we introduce ourselves and then we talk about mining things. And then that's it. 

He hopes you enjoy it. No link, because you'll probably be able to find it by yourself. Thank you and fcuk Twitter.

Minera Alamos (MAI.v) breaks out

Full disclosure: I own. That's because it's going higher:

And part of that process includes a sharp up this week. Don't say you were not warned.

UPDATE post-open: Wheeee

David Garofalo and Rob Henderson arrive late at Great Panther ( (GPL)

And no, this one isn't slipping by without comment because once again, we are provided ample evidence the Chinese know nothing about mining and are merely supine Vancouver fodder. The news that Marc Prefontein's Chinese bankroll has decided to put Rob Henderson in charge of Great Panther and put David Garofalo as Chair is way beyond a joke, but this time these mining executives from hell have arrived too late to do their normal trick of fucking a company to death and decimating shareholder value. That's because Bob Archer and his crowd of jokers have already done that, with the latest moves in a litany of moronity being ripped off by Nikki Adshead-Bell for Beadell and also being the last mining company left in Latin America that think Coricancha is a workable asset.

As for necessary background on the people this Chinese dumbest of dumb money is backing, nobody on these pages will need much reminding of the mess Garofalo made of Goldcorpse. As for Rob Henderson's latest gig, he is of course the CEO fired from Amerigo Resources ( because he doesn't think it necessary to do definition drilling on operating assets, the twat. This is Canadian cronyism at its worst, two proven failures thrown cushy executive jobs by idiots with more money than common sense. Two wrongs do not make a right and replacing useless idiots with useless idiots is a corporate strategy only ever used by useless idiots. Burn it all with fire.

Because your portfolio is not complete without exposure to the worst mining jurisdictions

VANCOUVER, April 23, 2020 /CNW/ - Bluestone Resources Inc. (TSXV:BSR | OTCQB:BBSRF) ("Bluestone" or the "Company") announced today that it has entered into an agreement with a syndicate of underwriters led by Canaccord Genuity Corp. (the "Underwriters"), pursuant to which the Underwriters will purchase, on a bought deal basis, 45,720,000 common shares (the "Common Shares") of the Company at a price of C$1.75 per Common Share (the "Offering Price") for aggregate gross proceeds to the Company of C$80,010,000 (the "Offering").

Lundin Fils gets pocket money.


Peru quarantine extended to May 11th

That's two extra weeks added, as the medical team begin to recognize the threat of asymptomatic cases. However, three economic activities will be allowed to re-start:
  • Restaurants in Delivery mode only
  • Textile industry
  • Teachers are allowed into school classrooms in order to give virtual classes from the normal location

So now you know.

Fission Uranium ( reaction

Two things stick out, first this...

...which would be funny if it weren't from the fingers of a scumbag*. However, this one is funny...

 ...because Grayhawk50 on Stockhouse is none other than Jamie Bannerman of Fission and best pally pals with Dev as well. Nice to see him breaking all type of corporate and ethics laws along with the rest of them, so cute. Birds of a feather, Jamie. Were you on the Thailand trip as well, Jamie?

PS: Not joking StockHouse, he's yer man all right, so go back and check what he's said over the years. You're going to have a real giggle now you know his real ID.

*He may be right about the poorly-written blog, though. If Mr. Bourré gave a toss about his grammar, he'd convince me totally.

More on the Fission Uranium ( ethics inquiry

Today's post following on from last week's scoop.

Although it has now taken some different turns, the ongoing internal ethics inquiry at Fission Uranium ( began due to accounting discrepancies over corporate trips to China and Thailand, the auditor raising red flags on the sums asked of the company by claimed in expenses by Dev and his team. If that were the only matter for the inquiry committee, we’d expect the whole thing to blow over in the normal junior mining way; blind eyes offered from all corners and if things were really bad, perhaps a strongly worded letter or a meek apology from the expense account miscreants, then back to work as normal. However, the committee has ended up with a far more complicated situation, as testimonies have also been given about Dev Randhawa’s aggressive and ongoing sexual harassment of women. The committee now finds itself in a difficult position; From running a show court that would slap Dev’s wrists (the inquiry is headed up by Devs' corporate allies), the mess has expanded to the point where it is now ethically and morally impossible to have him remain at the company. All that time Dev had you and them believe his chasing of women is a healthy thing and the act of a normal, red-blooded hetero male? That is far from the truth; he is a sexual predator of the worst and most obsessive type who is not fit for any role in a modern and respectful corporate society
Your author has seen testimonies given to the FCU ethics inquiries and verified their authenticity, with by far the most damning ones given by women. These people have been extremely brave to step forward and testify against Randhawa, as all have working relationships with either FCU or its Chair/CEO, working with or for him on a professional basis. It takes real guts to come forward when you know that predatory boss will fire you in a heartbeat afterwards if nothing is done, IKN applauds and admires their courage. They are not only brave for standing up and testifying, it has obviously been an act of courage for some of them to go to work every day.
Patterns of behaviour are repeated in many cases. Witnesses stated their professional relationship with Dev Randhawa had begun in the right way, but things went downhill and the behaviour patterns seen by committee in the testimonies are most troubling. Witnesses describe how Dev would harass them in multiple ways: He would ask them to be his sex slave and give them nicknames like Anastasia (from 50 Shades of Grey) and would tell them they needed sexual domination or a sugar daddy, while all the time boasting of his own net wealth. He would offer to pay their rent in exchange for sex. At the workplace, his sexist and degrading comments about women were almost non-stop, as were personal criticisms when his advances were rebutted. He uses the classic abuse strategies of criticizing physical appearances, telling the women after they are stupid, and how they would never get anywhere in life, as well as implying job promotions depend on giving him sexual favours. Indeed on occasion they were not just implications, as female employees were offered upgrades to the latest cellphones if they slept with him. The sexual harassment and abuse came from all angles as well, testimonies noting Dev’s abusive behaviour in person, in text messages and in social media. He would randomly send texts to them at night, telling them he was in bed in a hotel or that he was naked watching TV. He would loudly comment on the appearance of the women’s breasts. One repeated pattern is his desire to tell women what they should or should not be wearing at any given moment, with plenty of emphasis on their underwear.
At which point, your author stops with the details. Not due to lack of evidence either, because sadly there is a lot more. We stop because certain testimonies then went into specific detail about serious sexual events that are not only almost certainly illegal, but the specifics of each case would potentially identify the victims and we are not into doxxing some extremely brave people just after they stood up to Randhawa. Instead, IKN would much rather let the inquiry committee know that they aren’t the only ones with those testimonies and it’s up to them to do the right thing.


Kai & Mark talk mining

Could be fun:

Find out more here and if you have a question for Kai for me, stick it under his tweet.

Bonterra Resources (BTR.v) is down today and that is very strange

Its NR this morning had extremely positive corporate news, the stock should be rocketing on this:

"The Company’s President and CEO Greg Gibson has announced his retirement from the company effective June 30, 2020."


Message for Dev

Be sure to keep reading the blog this week, Dev.

Me: "So let's go through this offer again"

Other: "Yes."

Me: If I agree to the offer you are making me..."

Other: "Yes..."

Me: "You will give me a barrel of oil."

Other: "Yes."

Me: "And you will also give me thirty dollars."

Other: "Yes."

Me: "And the only thing I have to do is pick up my barrel of oil and take it home with me."

Other: "Yes."

Me: "Hmmm..."

Other: "Well...?"

Me: "It seems suspicious. Tell you what, you give me $37.63 and you have a deal. Agreed?"

Other: "Yes."

Current betting on "First Mining Newsletter Writer To Go Out Of Business"

Gwen Preston: 4/7
John Doody: 5/4
Dave Forest: 2/1
Eric Coffin: 5/1
Joe Mazumdar: 20/1
50/1 bar

Hindenburg Research a potential IKN reader, you say?

Well that would be a surprise!

Short selling firm Hindenburg Research launched short on New Pacific Metals (NUAG.v) this morning via an entertaining presentation PDF you can find here. Meanwhile, you may like to read posts on this company found at this humble corner of cyberspace over the last six months, for example:

The Hindenburg piece is good by the way, much more detailed tan anything on my links and they've done good legwork in La Paz. We don't have to agree on its lowball fundies valuation to know that NUAG is expensive, even if it weren't in problems with the Bolivian interim government. Full disclosure: No position in NUAG.v.

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