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Auryn Resources (AUG.v) and the joke PEA of the year

You just have to see the assumed cost inputs of the Auryn (AUG.v) PEA for Committee Bay (filed to SEDAR yesterday), they are wonderful. So many thing to choose from, but perhaps for sheer chutzpah the fave so far is using the 2012 estimates for the tailings facility capex. Wonderful on wonderful, it's as if this PT Barnum show thought we wouldn't look at the details. It constantly amazes me how the thin the stories from these jokers can be, how easily their spiel is blown out the water by a few basic facts. Kinross is stupid to back this and you do not need Kinross as your investment role model


The Friday OT: Hilary Hahn plays J.S. Bach; Chaconne, Partita #2 BWV1004

The goddess plays the Chaconne.

Youtube here.

Gary's calling bear on copper

Right here, go have a look.

Predicting the next steps in the desperate defence of Hannan Metals (HAN.v)

1) The placement holders are now on Zoom with Hudson
2) Hudson will. cue up a "...we would like to address unfounded rumours regarding our company..." news release
3) When it comes out, look carefully for what they don't say about their concessions, rather than what they do. Sophistry is a Hudson specialty.

PS: Full disclosure: No position at all in HAN, not long or short or anything. Also unaware of anybody short the stock (friend family colleague etc). Zero position, in other words.

An update on Hannan Metals (HAN.v)

Since publishing a slice of the truth about the exploreco pumpjob Hannan Metals (HAN.v) yesterday evening, your humble scribe has received several mails from well-known industry players, all of whom attempting to tell this desk that HAN isn't a rip-off. Which is hilarious (esp considering the people who wrote in), Hudson must have suckered them all and now they are crapping their underwear because they must have bought the placement and are stuck under escrow. That's what happens when you don't do the right DD, suckers. What feels worse, guys? Losing your own money, or leading other people up the garden path of this joke of a junior?

This time Frank Holmes is the rat and GoldSpot (SPOT.v) is the sinking ship

When Frank Giustra bailed out on HIVE Blockchain (HIVE.v), took the cash and ran, he left Frank Holmes holding a massive bag and to this day FH is bitter and twisted about the way Shorty screwed him over (he's bored people at dinner tables about it ever since). However, one thing you can't fault Frank Holmes on is his quick learning ability. He's taken Giustra's playbook and just done exactly the same trick on the people now left behind at GoldSpot (SPOT.v):
Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - May 29, 2020) - GoldSpot Discoveries Corp. (TSXV: SPOT) (the "Company" or "GoldSpot") is pleased to announce that, Vincent Dubé-Bourgeois has been named as the Company's new Chief Executive Officer ("CEO"), effective immediately, while Denis Laviolette will continue in the role of President and will assume the role of Executive Chairman. Frank Holmes, the current Chair of the Board, has retired from that position.
The liquidation will be nasty. Fair warnings abound today, it would seem. Full NR here.

The short report on NovaGold (NG)

On this link right here. I've taken a look at the 22 page report written by one Tim Murray of J Capital Research (nope, me neither) and while some of his argument holds weight, this short attack doesn't stand a hope in Hades of denting Nadagold. This guy must be new to the sector and without a clue about the size of money that backs it up (and the even larger size of money behind the backers). If all he has is bleating about cushy jobs and porn tests, it's more heat than light. The link is there, but only use it if you want an example of how not to short the mining sector. A foolish person wrote that.

Crux Investor does Peter Grosskopf of Sprott (and this is really good)

You might turn up for his gold call (the title is "Sprott CEO, Peter Grosskopf - Why Gold Only Gets to $2,000 by March 2021") but you should be watching for the explanation of the Sprott internal methodology.

Youtube here.


Endeavour Mining ( doing it the right way in Burkina Faso

We shout out the good guys making good moves, too. Here's Endeavour Mining ( donating funds and vital equipment in the battle against Covid-19 to the government of Burkina Faso. the value of the package comes to U$1.5m and the photo show on that link this Thursday morning.

Well done EDV, more mining companies of all sizes to follow this excellent example as soon as possible, please.

POTUS is a disgrace

Hurt by a fact checker when 100,000 US citizens are dead on his watch.

Hannan Metals (HAN.v) goes paid pumper, Michael Hudson ready to scam you all again

And the joke's on you, suckers. That includes Brent Cook of course, who has also fallen for this nonsense and voiced that he likes the thing. Has to be the rocks of course, because the problem with Brent is he needs an AK-47 stuck in his face by a local before he takes political and social risk into account. His track record on Peru stocks isn't abysmal by chance or coincidence. Anyway, this afternoon from Hannan, this;

Hannan Increases Granted Mining Concessions by 50% in Peru

Down in Peru, we take one look at where those concessions are and walk away. The DD is quick, it's conclusive and it means there is one less scam stock to worry about. And by the way, they buried this at the bottom of today's NR as well:

Engagement of Swiss Resource Capital
The Company announces that it will engage SRC Swiss Resource Capital AG ("SRC") to provide investor relations and communication services in Europe to increase exposure and awareness to investors in the German speaking financial community.  SRC is led by Jochen Staiger, CEO. The Engagement is for an initial term of twelve months but can be cancelled by both parties with 30 days' notice. SRC will assist the Company's efforts to grow investor awareness and expanding exposure to retail and institutional investors, including by providing news dissemination and marketing services in German. The engagement, including the payment of €13,500 per month and the issuance of 100,000 options to SRC at a price of 0.28 for a period of three years, is subject to TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V) approval.  SRC does not currently have any interest, direct or indirect in the Company or its securities.

Yes, it's a scam. Run away.

kai and mark talk mining episode six

You can watch it on this link if you want. Or you can watch it on Youtube here if you want. Or here below if you want.

UPDATE: For some reason the new Blogger back office update of a couple of days ago means I can't hang Youtubes here. I don't know why. Anyway, the links are above.

UPDATE UPDATE fixed now.


Hecla (HL) and Regulus (REG.v) do interesting online things

I've spent the morning on two online shows and as it turned out, both are worthy of extra eyeballs. The Regulus Resources (REG.v) webinar had a glitchy start, but once it got to Kevin Heather on the technical side it became a lot better. Anyone considering any copper investment, this or other, should pay attention to that part of the gig as it explains 1) why AntaKori is good and 2) some of the things you should be looking for at other junior copper companies and deposits. The recording of the Webinar will be available on the website here later today, plus it should have a better audio of the first part.

Then this Q&A between that Kai person and Phillips Baker of Hecla (HL), to which I tuned in more because of a spare half an hour at the right time but it was surprisingly good. That Kai person asked tough questions in a really gentle way, so check out what Baker says about the debt position and the Nevada assets. Above all, I learned more about the way HL thinks as a company in this 15 minutes than I ever had before. So yeah, pumping a pal's interview I am, guilty as charged, but it's worth the sneers from some of you because others will watch and get wise about HL, too.

Newbies to mining get their teachable moment from Vizsla Resources (VZLA.v)

Now you know that what they say...

...will always bear little relation to what they do:
VANCOUVER, May 27, 2020 /CNW/ - Vizsla Resources Corp. (TSX-V: VZLA) (OTCQB: VIZSF) (Frankfurt: 0G3) ("Vizsla" or the "Company") announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Canaccord Genuity Corp. (the "Underwriter"), pursuant to which the Underwriter will purchase, on a bought deal basis, 9,350,000 common shares (the "Common Shares") of the Company at a price of C$0.43 per Common Share (the "Offering Price") for aggregate gross proceeds to the Company of C$4,020,500 (the "Offering").
Whole thing here. VZLA will explain this bot deal by telling you "...they were approached, and under the circumstances it seemed...". Anyway newbies, the interesting bit in your process for your humble scribe begins now because as day follows night, you now resent me for telling you the truth. You realize Otto was right all this time about the dilution and the hiding of true intentions at the company you stupidly fell in love with due to a paid pump infomercial. And you hate Otto even more for it.


Covid-19 is now accelerating Peru: Two charts

Data as per this evening. Here's the chart for new confirmed Covid-19 cases:

Here's the chart for deaths:

That is 5,772 new cases and 159 deaths today, both new 24 records for Peru and I don't know about the numbers of the poor unfortunate deceased, but I will bet money that new infections number is going higher this week. Data from here.

K&MTM: Here's this week's subject

Happening Thursday.

If you'd like to leave a ticker (or tickers, you can leave up to three I am told), go here and stick it under the tweet or you can mail it in (literally) to either of us, usual addresses. The final choice is Kai's by the way. I get the surprises.

The 2020 Sprott Natural Resource Symposium is destined for disaster

Ladies and gents, step right up for your latest example of Alternate Universe thinking that will crash and burn. They want $299 to watch a webinar! I can't wait!

The Shylock is so desperate, he thinks he can sell a web conference when everyone else is giving them away for free. He must be losing it under lockdown, he still thinks it's February 2020.

PS: Nice 1980s photo of Casey

Massive news from Regulus Resources (REG.v)

Regulus Resources (REG.v) today announced the company will be holding a Webinar event tomorrow, May 27th. An excellent and original proposal from the IR team, it beats me why no other mining company has thought of offering a free webinar.

May 26, 2020 (Vancouver, BC) - Regulus Resources Inc. ("Regulus" or the "Company", REG TSX.V) is pleased to announce that it will be hosting an Investor Webinar on May 27th, 2020 at 11:00 am EST. The webinar will provide a corporate overview presented by CEO, John Black, followed by a summary of technical highlights from the AntaKori project presented by Dr. Kevin B. Heather, Chief Geological Officer. The management team will be available to answer questions following the presentations.
Participants may register for the webinar at the following link:

We should expect fireworks from the presentation and announcements tomorrow. Make sure you register today, it's happening tomorrow Wednesday.

The new market feature

The Dow rallies on the first day of each trading week on "promising vaccine news." We should get four or five of these before the world cottons on. And while we're at it, why is the act of bailing out Wall St with money Capitalism, but bailing out Main St with money is Communism?


Welcome to the Pleasure Dome II: This cannot be a coincidence

There is no way that is sheer chance.

What I most love about this name change is that we get a window into how dull the brains behind this deal must be. Sali, Everett, Katusa, Gibson, yes indeed all the slime all the time behind this pablum. So I cannot help but laugh imagining them all together and actually agreeing on this most banal and arrogant of name choices for a junior mining company. Intellectual dullards of international standard, go Team Vancouver.

Good news for Vizsla Resoures (VZLA.v) longs

VZLA should break that 55c line today:

Because the only way fake juniors can do it is using a fake day at a fake market on fake trading. Just throw this one in the pile with MEX.v and AAX.v.

UPDATE: Ah, didn't make it. Never mind.

The IKN Weekly, out now

IKN574 has just been sent to subscribers. Happy Memorial Day, USA.


Claudia Cisneros published genius on Peru and Covid-19 today

This is only really for the Peru watchers among you, not even going to translate any. Claudia Cisneros in La Republica today has written the most impressive piece on what Covid-19 really means to and exposes about Peru. As I told a fellow Perupolitik watcher this afternoon, it crystallizes every thought and semi-thought I've had on the subject into one razor-sharp op-ed, then adds a lot more. If only they were all as good as Claudia Cisneros, link here.

The top three most visited IKN posts this week are... reverse order:

Third Place: "Brazil is infecting a continent (from IKN573)". Seems to have hit a nerve.

Second Place: "Farewell, Rob McEwen". Regarding Emperors and what their tailors may say to them in order to win favour.

First Place: "The Rio2 Ltd (RIO.v) (RIOFF) naked short is getting squeezed today". It's working, too. While most gold stocks took a rest last week, RIO.v was up another 10%. We expect this campaign to move into its next stage soon.